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This is a conversion of the ROYAL92.GED Gedcom file (from the ROOTS-L list) into a convenient HTML format (with an index), for use with WWW browsers. The initial step in the conversion process was done using the ged2html program by Gene Stark <>, with some re-massaging of the output into a more convenient form. More comprehensive royal genealogy information is available from Brian Tompsett over the web at, but this can be somewhat slow and cumbersome to access (at least if you're outside the UK), and the GEDCOM sources are not yet being made available. The small heraldic .gif is due to Jeff Alvey. All opinions in the notes and annotations are those of Mr. Reid, not myself.

Henry Churchyard

Genealogy files

The genealogy is split into files approximately 25k in size. Individuals are listed according to the order they were found in the original GEDCOM file. I have made no effort to add to or correct the information from that file. Titles have been put inside in an HTML "<EM>...</EM>" element (and so will be rendered in italics by many WWW browsers).


People with a listed surname are indexed under that surname; others are indexed by first name. Princes and monarchs are always indexed by first name, even if they are also indexed by surname. In general, people are not indexed by title ("King of England, Duke of Rutland", etc.).

About this document

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To: Cliff Manis <>
Date: Fri, 25 Dec 92 14:12:32 -0500
From: ah189@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Denis Reid)

First of all, MERRY CHRISTMAS!

You may make this Royal GEDCOM available available to whomever. As you know this is a work in process and have received suggestions, corrections and additions from all over the planet... some even who claim to be descended from Charlemagne, himself!

The weakest part of the Royals is in the French and Spanish lines. I found that many of the French Kings had multiple mistresses whose descendants claimed noble titles, and the Throne itself in some cases. I have had the hardest time finding good published sources for French and Spanish Royalty.

If you do post it to a BBS or send it around, I would appreciate it if you'd append a message to the effect that I would welcome comments and suggestions and possible sources to improve the database.

Since the Royals had so many names and many titles it was difficult to "fill in the blanks" with their name. In the previous version, I included all their titles, names, monikers in the notes.

Thanks for your interest.
Denis Reid