African American Genealogy mailing list

AAGENE-L is intended to be a mailing list on the internet for African American genealogy researchers. It is also appropriate to discuss African American history within the mailing list.

One can subscribe to the list by sending a msg to AAGENE-L@UPEOPLE.COM with a subject of SUBSCRIBE. If you neglect the subject, I'll have to add you manually and it may take a day or two.

AAGENE-L is a moderated mailing list, though it will probably be only very lightly moderated as are the two African American genealogy echoes on GT PowerNet, AfroNet and IGA. It should be obvious but person-person communications is better done by e-mail, not to each recipient of the mailing list.

Mike Wade - sponsor of AAGENE-L
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GT 032/006
AfroNet 101:11/0
Compu$erve 75126,2113