The Lahey lf95 compiler is now available on all of our 64-bit clusters.

The features of this compiler include extensive debugging options and after debugging optimized options, including options
--openmp or --parallel as well as optimization option: --fast

Recmmended lf95 debugging opt ions are:  lf95  --chkglobal --trace --lst -g --co --nsav --pca --warn --xref
Note the options: --openmp (processes your openmp directives),   or --parallel (to automatically parallize).

All of the lf95 features are given at the Lahey web pages:

Extensive diagnostic benchmarks and performance benchmarks may be found at the Polyhedron web pages:

Using an X server (like Xming)  the lf95 manuals may be displayed via commands
xpdf  /usr/global/lf6480/doc\user_man.pdf
xpdf  /usr/global/lf6480/doc/langref.pdf

Issuing  the command:  lf95  (with no arguments)
will  display brief option syntax.