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Fall 1996

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21-Aug-96 Pentagon proposal to monitor Internet

The US Department of Defense has floated a proposal to be funded to monitor the Internet. We will discuss this proposal later this semester. Here is a link to the complete proposal

Overview of LA-483

LA-483 is intended to be an advanced course in computer applications for students in the liberal arts and humanities. It builds upon the concepts and skills developed in LA-283 and expands the range of information tools available to the student. An important emphasis of LA-483 is on the use of the Internet and client/server information systems. LA-483 is recommended for students considering graduate study or an information-intensive profession.

LA-483 is a unique course in that its topics are not taught anywhere else in the University. The course instructor, Dr. Gerald M. Santoro, is a published researcher in CMC and use of the Internet. Here is a list of topics covered in LA-483.

For more information please contact Dr. Gerry Santoro at (

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