Oughtibridge Ltd

What is uFTi

uFTi is a program to take genealogical data from a wide range of programs in GEDCOM format. The data is stored in a relational database and can be exported to the World Wide Web for publishing your research on the internet.

uFTi is being developed inline with the GENWEBTM project, a project aiming to link pages of genealogical research using the Internet.

uFTi is available free of charge, however copyright remains with © 1995, 1996 Oughtibridge Ltd. You are not allowed to alter the output of uFTi and are required to register your use of uFTi by sending email to:
Oughtibridge Ltd - email address 100020.1117@compuserve.com

Currently uFTi is only available from CompuServe's Genealogy Forum - GO ROOTS

uFTi has being tested with data from a number of programs, including PAF and Brothers Keeper.

No two programs write identical GEDCOM. If you find problems with GEDCOM files from your program, please eMail a small data file direct to Oughtibridge Ltd.

Key Features


  • free text notes
  • wide range of events
  • record source
  • source quality
  • freeware
  • Generates World Wide Web pages statically
  • Index of all surnames
  • Index of each person within surname
  • All pages are linked appropriately
  • Quick, typically 1 second per Web Page generated
  • Simple data update screen available
  • Can display multiple people at once using separate windows
  • Uses a Microsoft Jet database, so compatible with Microsoft Access
  • Supports graphic backgrounds


uFTi is available in 16 bit and 32 bit versions for Windows 3.1, Windows for Workgroups 3.11, Windows 95, Windows NT Workstation and Windows NT Server Download files are around 4Mb long due to the inclusion of the Jet database engine. 16 bit
  • 10Mb drive space
  • 4Mb RAM (8Mb strongly recommended)
  • VGA screen
  • Windows 3.1 or Windows for Workgroups 3.11
32 bit
  • 10Mb drive space
  • 8Mb RAM (windows 95) 12Mb strongly recommended, 12Mb RAM Windows NT Workstation (16 Mb preferred), 16Mb RAM Windows NT Server (20 Mb strongly recommended)
  • VGA screen
  • Windows 95 or Windows NT (Workstation or Server) 3.5 or above

Note on memory:

uFTi is sensitive to the amount of memory available. uFTi does work using the minimum specification however the availability of additional RAM allows the database engine to take full advantage of the table indices. For example, it takes 1 second to generate a typical page using Windows 95 and 12Mb whereas it takes 5 seconds with 8Mb.